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"Colour does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it."

Pierre Bonnard

"I go through phases of painting for myself, family and friends. I find the process of layering paint and seeing where it takes me very therapeutic. 

I do commissions occasionally, yet prefer to produce my own artwork which is for sale  when available. Please get in touch if anything interests you.

"She backed a Winner" 

Originally called "The Grey Mare", this depicts a racehorse at Les Landes. My husband wanted the canvas, so I changed the name accordingly.


"Telling Tails" - 2016

A commission of a friend's 2 dogs, the elder being irked by the new arrival to the family.



"L',Ombre", shows a couple on a beach at the hottest time of the day, creating a mirage down to the sea. The shadows are short and then heat intense


"Closer to Heaven"

For a friend who cycled around Scotland, (then admitted at times he felt closer to hell)..



A gift for a bike loving client's new bedroom, using gears and breaks in the painting  process.



A Japanese interpretation, again using gears as print blocks. 


"Through the Willows"

Inspired by the reflections in a riverside garden with a Japanese arched bridge.


"The Dog Walkers"

A beach setting at dusk using textures and colour to reflect light and a moody sky.

The Dog Walkers - Framed

"Row Past"

Commission for an anniversary present depicting the client's wife in a Thames rowing race.


HMS Sickbay

Painted for my son after a hospital visit.


A play on words and textures.




The idea here is that seasons and time move on irrespective of what goes on in one's life. (A bit profound, but I was experimenting with the infinity lines).


Me ... in that happy place when my art is appreciated.

At the Duckhouse Corbridge
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