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Restful Master Bedroom

A relaxing and serene restful bedroom

Combinations of cool cottons, wood, glass, mirrors and metal make this a serene and relaxing zone. Above all, the central pendant is the principal mood setter by the way it throws bars of light and shadow across the ceiling.

A large headboard was made by linking three fretwork covered mirrors onto a frame, and green cushions on the bed emulate their pattern similar to a negative photograph. The balance of the matching lamps with gold cord enveloped shades, the dark wood bed-side cabinets and the paired cushions creates a restful zone.​

The three mirrored headboard is echoed by three etched silver mirrors above the ottoman at the end of the bed. Dark wood sits well against the calm yet rich metallic green painted wall, which reflects light back into the room. Gustav Klimt inspired fabric was used to make the bespoke green, silver and white curtains, with “bumf” lining added for extra weight, thickness and blackout.

A grey Barcelona chair is accented by a small velvet cushion to blend in with the overall scheme. Finally, a bespoke valance was made to add a crisp and sharp finish to the bed. It is interesting to note the subtle change in feel of this room depending on which way the bed is dressed.

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