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An Indonesian Inspired Dining Room

Having frequently visited the Far East, the owners of this house have been greatly inspired by oriental décor.


It was best to adopt a light colour pallet in this room, which enjoys limited mid-afternoon sun as the dark wood tones require a contrast to avoid the atmosphere appearing gloomy.


Much of the furniture was imported from Hong Kong’s antique zone of Hollywood Road, and various light tones were layered with silver and bronze to encourage light to bounce around the room. The multi-facetted artwork is superb in this regard.


The marble fireplace, was imported from Paris by a previous owner, but it sits well with the overall monochromatic scheme of the room. A wine rack was commissioned by the designer’s recommended joiner both as a thing of beauty as well as to accommodate the gentleman of the house’s love of wine!

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Sideboard with eastern accents
Chinese Moroccan Indian Indonesian!
Close up of artwork
A flower and 15 yr old Dalwhinnie
Bespoke wine shelf
Coffee tray
Reflective artwork
French fireplace with white accents
Coffee and a dram!
Making the most of dark corners
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