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A Modern Geometric Bathroom

The owners of this house had a design vision of a modern, geometric bathroom to fit within their scheme: This is a style close to my heart and a largely monochromatic colour palette was therefore chosen, with some gold to bounce light around the walls and add an element of the exotic. Two-toned locally sourced porcelain tiles were fitted to create a contrast, and the darker floor tiles were extended up one wall to add interest and variation to a standard arrangement.


The “Hicks Hexagonal” wallpaper by Cole & Son is an impressive complement to the monochromatic scheme with its gold hexagons and weaving detail, and it balances the light in this previously poorly lit room to perfection, allowing it to ooze class. The graceful bath was sourced from Better Bathrooms.  It is an oval shape with stunning, simplistic lines and the free-standing taps (from Hudson Reed) give a sense of space, as opposed to a feeling of an over-cluttered room despite neither being installed snuggly against a wall.

A separate shower cubicle sits stylishly into the corner, with a V shaped, angular vanity unit from I Bath UK completing the fitted units.

It is a bathroom used by a family with young children, so despite tiling and being functional, the specification was for an area where children could sit to undress and a rug so that the floor wasn’t overly slippery for little ones. The overall scheme was conceived with a view for the family to grow with it, and I am sure that they will never bore of the spectacular geometric lines.

Hover over image and click / follow arrows to view in full size.

Cole & Son's Hicks Hexagonal paper
Modern, angular free standing taps
Towards the shower cubicle
Even the stool has geometric detail
All the fittings are angular
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